manufacturing onixrecruitmentOnix Recruitment´s manufacturing recruiters recognise that with challenges come opportunities and innovation. To drive down costs and increase competitiveness, manufacturing companies have turned to continuous improvement efforts like Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. They have expanded their supply chains from a regional to a global platform. And they are increasing inventories and jumpstarting the entire manufacturing process.

To achieve this requires detecting and keeping transcendent manufacturing talent – from engineering production line management to the C-suite. Manufacturing recruitment has never been more essential and the talent marketplace is both global and competitive in scope.

Onix Recruitment´s manufacturing executive recruiters work with knowledge, speed, and discretion to help you hire the proven talent you need. We do our own exhaustive research and work closely with you to help you solve current problems and achieve long-term recruitment success.

Sectors We Cover

Onix Recruitment consists of a number of experienced consultants with a combined total of 25 years of recruiting experience within the following sectors: Construction, Finance, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Power & Transmissions, Petrochemicals & Refinery, Manufacturing, Mining, Renewables, Trading. Onix Recruitment understands……

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