Interview Tips

Congratulations!  Your CV has been approved and you are invited in for your job interview, here are some key tips on what to do, not do and what to  look out for……

Check Company Information.

This may sound crazy, however you will be surprised at the amount of candidates who go into a job interview not knowing anything about that company.  Therefore its imperative that you do your research before hand, as the interviewer may test your knowledge on the company so its better to be over prepared.  The internet is a great resource for this.

Practice Your Interview

Get someone to practice your interview with you, make sure you know all information of your CV, also get them to ask some tricky questions that interviewers love to ask, here are some examples:

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

Groom And Dress To Impress

  • What you wear should inspire confidence within yourself and project a positive image.  First impressions are very important in interviews and even in life.
  • Make all grooming necessities (a bath/shower beforehand, neat tidy hair, fresh breath avoid chewing gum in an interview as it can become quite distracting for the interviewer.)
  • Play it safe so stick with dark solid colours for outfit colours, men should stick with a suit, crisp white shirt and a dark tie don’t wear light coloured socks.
  • Women can wear a suit or a knee-length skirt with matching jacket, sensible shoes with a small heel, and avoid over doing the makeup.

Assess Your Environment

  • Keen observation of your environment once you are there for your interview can give you lots of indicators on what sort of company you are doing the interview with.
  • Are the people friendly?
  • Do they greet you, or are you left approaching someone?
  • How do the employees interact, are they friendly to one another or do they just ignore each other?
  • Does it seem very manic and busy, or slow and unorganized?

Extra´s For Interviews

  • Make sure you bring a couple of copies of your resume and any additional information that you think will be instructive in your interview (Certificates, referrals ect).

Body Language

Body language is very important in an interview, a lot of the time we worry about whats going to be said in an interview and ignore what we could be saying with our bodies, you need to put across your confidence and professionalism just as well non verbally. Here are a few tips to do during an interview:

  • A firm handshake is a great start.
  • Maintain eye contact with your interviewer or if in a group with those that are speaking directly to you but also briefly make contact with the non-speaker to include them in the conversation.
  • Sit up straight or mimic the interviewer’s body position, you are showing your interest and agreement. Do not sit with your arms folded, it closes yourself off and appears unfriendly also do not slouch in your chair as it signifies disinterest. Also make sure your legs are fidget free as that is a giveaway how uncomfortable you are.
  • Show your enthusiasm by keeping an interested expression.
  • Once the interview is complete, stand up gracefully and make sure you give a firm handshake and smile goodbye while maintaining confidence until you have left the company.

What To Avoid

  • It’s very bad to arrive late to an interview, its always best to be 10 minutes early.
  • Do not use your phone during the interview.  Switch it off once you arrive for your interview to avoid any phone calls or distractions.
  • Know when to talk and when to stop, the interviewer just needs to know the facts don’t get personal.
  • Pay attention, if the interviewer notices your lack of attention you will definitely not be getting the job.

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