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You will not get a second chance to make a first impression!

Having a clear and well presented CV is vital in securing you that interview. There is no written rule book when it comes to how to write the perfect CV, however we hope that with this guide we can give you some key tips that will help you feel more confident in the way that you are presenting your information in a clear and structured manner.

The market is very competitive, therefore in order to bring out your relevant experience for the opportunity you are applying for, it is important that you tailor your CV accordingly, highlighting your experiences and letting the employer know straight away that you are the person for the job!

You must always remember that your CV is not designed to get you the job but rather to get you the interview.  Even though you will need a generic CV as a guideline, relying on one solely will not suffice.

The following recommendations equally apply to both a generic  and tailored CV:

  • A chronological CV is the best and most repeatedly used and most clients are used to reading in this format.  Your relevant details such as your name and address should be displayed first, and steer away from providing any irrelevant information to the client e.g. your pet dogs name or your wife´s vocation.
  • Your CV should start with your name and a summary about yourself making your key skills stand out without succumbing to the old clichés such as ´excellent team working skills´ or ´i´m an excellent team-player and can work independently´.  These are big no go and will result in your CV being placed to the bottom of the pile, and that’s if your lucky!
  • The most noticeable and attention grabbing CV is the one with a factual summary which is relevant to the role you are applying for and then go on to establish your skills throughout your CV by pinpointing your achievements.
  • Then, disclose your qualifications, educational background and the systems and language skills, as well as any relevant training courses that you may have attended.
  • List your most recent qualifications first and then the rest in reverse order afterwards.
  • Now detail your career history starting with the most recent position first and then working your way backwards chronologically in reverse date, listing the dates worked, the employer and type, size and nature of the business and then the roles you held in order.
  • Emphasise your key roles then your achievements directly afterwards.  There is no need to go into detail of any roles that are not so relevant, or for roles that were more than 5 – 10 years ago.  Just list your key achievements for these roles, however make sure to include more detail for your recent roles.

There is nothing worse than a CV, which has been ´spiced up´ with borders or images.

It looks unprofessional and will never get you noticed.  Use bullet points, keep your CV simple and straightforward; however don’t shorten it for the sake of things.  If you have the necessary experience then document it well as our clients will appreciate reading through a 5 page CV with all the relevant skills listed in detail rather than a 2 page condensed version.  Remember if you have the skills to suit that particular role you can better draw attention to it.

Only use a cover letter if you take the time and effort to specifically tailor it to that particular job application.  Generic cover letters will only make it look like you haven’t put in any effort.

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